Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY Sailboat Summit 2014

From our friends at

Boat Punk D.I.Y/Do It Together Sailboat Meetup 2014.

For better or worse, we have all been failed by another string of foretold apocalypses and hardships.  We struggle and endure.  Never the less, we like to have our funs. Now we take this bag of fate and run with it like we stole it, back to the waterways! Organized or otherwise, Rio Dulce will be hosting another infestation of friends learning from each others' mistakes and experimenting with new ideas.

Very much like the early stage planning of our last, and as of yet only, organized rally of its kind, it's the involvement from the whole group that makes it a free and worthy adventure.  So far our friends on the Fata Morgana, as well as our resident friends, are there now ready and willing to start setting up. Sturgeon has plans for entertainment. Cherri is kicking ass on flyers and facebook. Matt is building and hosting a new website that has the potential to keep projects rolling along smoothly, and maybe putting together a crowdfunding page. steve has been out on the roads and seas keeping the dreams alive. Lots of people have been working really hard on boats and skills.

Good people built the 2012 summit.  Good people changed their lives since the last meetup. The Challenge is the same. Get the newly acquired boats out of the country and underway in time to inspire and share with other good people.

Commitments and suggestions can be dished out on the 2012 googlegroup, or on the message board.  A pdf's of flyers can be printed from 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Write-up about the Meetup

Almost a year after the event itself, we've received a report-back about the 2012 DIY Sailboat Meetup. The writeup tells of the happenings of the event, but focuses more on how the event came to be and where the energy around it could go. It aims to tell the folks who couldn't make it what they missed along with how the event was hopefully a small ripple in a larger current. For the attendees, it offers encouragement to continue such efforts along with a few simple critiques.
A direct link to the pdf is here.
A text-only version is available on the tabs above.

The file is hosted on the page of an ongoing project that came out of the Meetup that we encourage everyone to enjoy and potentially contribute to. The project, currents against us, aims to document what adventures and projects we find ourselves in with hopes that it will generate more sub-culture around our efforts and therefore more community:
currents against us

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Until Next Time

Of utmost importance is extending gratitude to those who made the meet up possible. Thanks to Backpacker's Hotel and all the other locations who graciously lent us their spaces, to all the people living in Rio Dulce who lent us supplies and support, to all the boat owners who put their homes up to a bunch of vagabonds, and most importantly thanks to all the people who attended and sculpted the meet up to make it a more than a dream. The individuals who attended created a character that was truly amazing and will leave an impact on everyone privy to it. It was a pleasure having all of you around.

As opposed to thinking of the conference as a one time event, I consider it simply an official beginning of something greater. We have started to get to know each other, and with these relationships we can take that energy and set sail to new horizons. If we keep in touch, hopefully we can see how all the dreams and aspirations we discussed and plotted will play out. Often times all the momentum after a conference is lost as we return to our routines, comforts, and obligations. Let's keep in touch, keep each other motivated towards our dreams, and see each other again.

A forum for keeping in touch, discussion, and announcements of further meetups and the like:

See you soon.
Fair wind and Following Seas

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Day one has been a delightful success! More updates to come. For now, we just wanted to share with you the complete handout, downloadable in either webviewing format or zine format for printing. Images of this can be found on the Workshops/Events tab.
Thank you all for attending and for your support! We'll have more to post once things are over.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The time is upon us...

Shadowed by the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, we find ourselves an anxious week away from the start of our beloved meet up. A secret cabal has been hard at work weaving a web of events, workshops, and activities for your enjoyment. We submit this humble offering to you here:

We think you may delight in a pdf of the full schedule with descriptions of the events and much more information. We provide this for you here: Current Schedule and Event Descriptions. Under the Workshops/Events tabs you'll find images of the whole pdf.

The spark of the whole summit will be at 1100 hours on the 22nd of February, located at the park under the south end of the bridge. It's the one with the bleachers, and before the conference we'll have a handout containing a map to assist you in finding it along with all the locations hosting the meet up. This will be posted online within the next few days, and if you get in town you can find us (the old adage, "look for the punx," applies) or hail S/V Drummer or S/V Dorothy Ann on VHF68. We are very busy, but available.

Thank you kindly for your interest and potential support, we look forward to meeting you aboard. More informal updates will be posted on the google group, located here.

Relentlessly plodding towards the Future,
-Wolf Larsen

Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY Sailboat Meetup

When : Feb 22-29th 2012
What : DIY Sailboat Meetup
Where : Casa Guatemala, Rio Dulce, Guatamala
How : By Sea!


Despite the futility of anything aside from boundless hedonism in the shadow of 2012, a few doomsday heretics have decided to embark on a voyage south. This is not only an invite to join us, but a challenge for all the dreamers and "well one day" types to 'really begin' and sail with us.

The DIY/anarchist/punk sailor tendency has been increasing, so it's time we get together. In this time we can share skills, tell stories, have races, exchange plans, swap charts, and really, anything we want. So come down overflowing with ideas, stories, challenges, discussions, and anything else you'd imagine welcome. Like most DIY convergences, the content is up to us. 

We are calling a summit; a convergence perhaps. During the days and nights of February 22-29th 2012 AD we will be hosting said summit at Casa Guatmala in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Conveniently navigable by sea a mere 800-ish miles from the Florida Keys, we're asking you to bring your boat down or finally slap a keel on that project and get going.

Under the "Workshops" tab you can get an idea of some of the ideas and propositions. If you're wanting to attend, please visit the "Planning on Coming?" tab and let us know! "Boats Attending" is where you can parade your boat around and also shows everyone that yes, this is actually happening. "More Info" will be full of the brass tacks. This page will be updated as doomsday approaches.

See you there. For more info:
Google Group : this is where crew requests, ongoing discussions, event proposals, and everything else will be.
the facebook page 
stevevonsteve at gmail dot com