Sunday, January 27, 2013

Write-up about the Meetup

Almost a year after the event itself, we've received a report-back about the 2012 DIY Sailboat Meetup. The writeup tells of the happenings of the event, but focuses more on how the event came to be and where the energy around it could go. It aims to tell the folks who couldn't make it what they missed along with how the event was hopefully a small ripple in a larger current. For the attendees, it offers encouragement to continue such efforts along with a few simple critiques.
A direct link to the pdf is here.
A text-only version is available on the tabs above.

The file is hosted on the page of an ongoing project that came out of the Meetup that we encourage everyone to enjoy and potentially contribute to. The project, currents against us, aims to document what adventures and projects we find ourselves in with hopes that it will generate more sub-culture around our efforts and therefore more community:
currents against us

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