Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY Sailboat Summit 2014

From our friends at

Boat Punk D.I.Y/Do It Together Sailboat Meetup 2014.

For better or worse, we have all been failed by another string of foretold apocalypses and hardships.  We struggle and endure.  Never the less, we like to have our funs. Now we take this bag of fate and run with it like we stole it, back to the waterways! Organized or otherwise, Rio Dulce will be hosting another infestation of friends learning from each others' mistakes and experimenting with new ideas.

Very much like the early stage planning of our last, and as of yet only, organized rally of its kind, it's the involvement from the whole group that makes it a free and worthy adventure.  So far our friends on the Fata Morgana, as well as our resident friends, are there now ready and willing to start setting up. Sturgeon has plans for entertainment. Cherri is kicking ass on flyers and facebook. Matt is building and hosting a new website that has the potential to keep projects rolling along smoothly, and maybe putting together a crowdfunding page. steve has been out on the roads and seas keeping the dreams alive. Lots of people have been working really hard on boats and skills.

Good people built the 2012 summit.  Good people changed their lives since the last meetup. The Challenge is the same. Get the newly acquired boats out of the country and underway in time to inspire and share with other good people.

Commitments and suggestions can be dished out on the 2012 googlegroup, or on the message board.  A pdf's of flyers can be printed from 


  1. The news letters for the 2014 meetup are coming out. The forum on is not working well but the email sign up is quick and easy. Most questions we are getting are about people desiring to meetup with other people on they way down. And general getting down questions for that we really need a good forum, soo , if anyone knows of a good one. Also anyone wanting to crew a sailboat down, many will be leaving mid Jan from key west and there is space on most of them. Um yea. That's it. Sign up for the news letter!

    1. Also back to the getting down part. It would be really good to hear some feed back on the options folks found last time. X

  2. Anyone know the owner of sailing vessel "Colton Harris Moore"?