Sunday, March 4, 2012

Until Next Time

Of utmost importance is extending gratitude to those who made the meet up possible. Thanks to Backpacker's Hotel and all the other locations who graciously lent us their spaces, to all the people living in Rio Dulce who lent us supplies and support, to all the boat owners who put their homes up to a bunch of vagabonds, and most importantly thanks to all the people who attended and sculpted the meet up to make it a more than a dream. The individuals who attended created a character that was truly amazing and will leave an impact on everyone privy to it. It was a pleasure having all of you around.

As opposed to thinking of the conference as a one time event, I consider it simply an official beginning of something greater. We have started to get to know each other, and with these relationships we can take that energy and set sail to new horizons. If we keep in touch, hopefully we can see how all the dreams and aspirations we discussed and plotted will play out. Often times all the momentum after a conference is lost as we return to our routines, comforts, and obligations. Let's keep in touch, keep each other motivated towards our dreams, and see each other again.

A forum for keeping in touch, discussion, and announcements of further meetups and the like:

See you soon.
Fair wind and Following Seas

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  1. Hello everybody.

    I spent an afternoon a few days ago with Captain Ray Thackaray in Oakland Ca. He is working on a project to send people out with free outfitted boats to various regions of the world to wait and be ready for disaster response situations. They have two boats now and another on the way and then probably more. The first has crew for the South China sea and in really well equipped. The second is a 36 foot sloop that needs captain and crew. The boat is ment to stay in the pacific between mexico and Panama. The exact location is up to the crew and and can be constantly on the move. A lot of info is available on the IRC website. Basically they give the boat free and a two year loan contract. The crew keeps up on maintenance and parts needed may be requested threw the organization. I Think it is a really good opportunity for people who are still learning about boats to spend time living on one without all of the financial burden and with some backup and also be involved in charity. Anyway anyone who has questions or wants to hear any of my personal thoughts on how it is working please send me a message or call.

    international rescue group @
    also also people who have boats can register as auxiliary members.

    Thank you,