Friday, February 17, 2012

The time is upon us...

Shadowed by the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, we find ourselves an anxious week away from the start of our beloved meet up. A secret cabal has been hard at work weaving a web of events, workshops, and activities for your enjoyment. We submit this humble offering to you here:

We think you may delight in a pdf of the full schedule with descriptions of the events and much more information. We provide this for you here: Current Schedule and Event Descriptions. Under the Workshops/Events tabs you'll find images of the whole pdf.

The spark of the whole summit will be at 1100 hours on the 22nd of February, located at the park under the south end of the bridge. It's the one with the bleachers, and before the conference we'll have a handout containing a map to assist you in finding it along with all the locations hosting the meet up. This will be posted online within the next few days, and if you get in town you can find us (the old adage, "look for the punx," applies) or hail S/V Drummer or S/V Dorothy Ann on VHF68. We are very busy, but available.

Thank you kindly for your interest and potential support, we look forward to meeting you aboard. More informal updates will be posted on the google group, located here.

Relentlessly plodding towards the Future,
-Wolf Larsen

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