Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY Sailboat Meetup

When : Feb 22-29th 2012
What : DIY Sailboat Meetup
Where : Casa Guatemala, Rio Dulce, Guatamala
How : By Sea!


Despite the futility of anything aside from boundless hedonism in the shadow of 2012, a few doomsday heretics have decided to embark on a voyage south. This is not only an invite to join us, but a challenge for all the dreamers and "well one day" types to 'really begin' and sail with us.

The DIY/anarchist/punk sailor tendency has been increasing, so it's time we get together. In this time we can share skills, tell stories, have races, exchange plans, swap charts, and really, anything we want. So come down overflowing with ideas, stories, challenges, discussions, and anything else you'd imagine welcome. Like most DIY convergences, the content is up to us. 

We are calling a summit; a convergence perhaps. During the days and nights of February 22-29th 2012 AD we will be hosting said summit at Casa Guatmala in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Conveniently navigable by sea a mere 800-ish miles from the Florida Keys, we're asking you to bring your boat down or finally slap a keel on that project and get going.

Under the "Workshops" tab you can get an idea of some of the ideas and propositions. If you're wanting to attend, please visit the "Planning on Coming?" tab and let us know! "Boats Attending" is where you can parade your boat around and also shows everyone that yes, this is actually happening. "More Info" will be full of the brass tacks. This page will be updated as doomsday approaches.

See you there. For more info:
Google Group : this is where crew requests, ongoing discussions, event proposals, and everything else will be.
the facebook page 
stevevonsteve at gmail dot com

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